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Best Ways to Make a Woman Orgasm

When you are trying to make your woman orgasm, you are constantly missing out on two important things. Your girl wants you to do these two things to her but of course she is not going to be vocal about it. Knowing these 2 secrets will help you to make her orgasm every single time.

The first secret is to use foreplay. This is the most important time for getting a woman sexually aroused. Also, foreplay helps to make a woman feel sexy and to make her feel desired. Without these sensations in her body, she won’t want to have an orgasm because she won’t feel appreciated and she will feel like you are trying to rush through. Make her feel special, pampered and sexually charged.

The second secret is to go slow. A woman’s body is designed to be gentle with so you got to play is soft. Being rough with her is okay during sex, but when making a woman orgasm with your fingers or oral sex, you have got to go slow. Be gentle with her body by using your tongue on her clitoris in slow movements or stimulate her g-spot by sliding two fingers deep inside of her.

Doing these two things to your woman is the best way to make a woman orgasm. You will be able to guarantee an orgasm for your girl every single time you incorporate these two secrets into the mix. Now your girl can get the sexual satisfaction she has been looking for.