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How to Make a Girl Squirt and Orgasm

You maybe the best lover a woman can have but is she thinking the same when you are making love to her? Does she think that she deserves more in bed than the lame 11 minutes of so called pleasure that you are marginally capable of giving her? If you are looking to make a girl experience the best orgasm ever then here is a tip that you need to remember.

While having sex with a girl you will have to choose the right position that would stimulate her clitoris, g-spot and all other erogenous zones on her body. The missionary position is good for just stimulating the first two. But if you are looking at stimulating all three areas, then choose the reverse cow-girl position with one knee of yours up.

In this position, you can stimulate her clitoris with your leg while your penis takes care of her g-spot. You also would have your hands free to let it roam all over her body to tickle and sensually stimulate her other erogenous zones.

Remember that apart from using your leg as a support, your woman is going to keep sliding and rubbing it every time she goes up and down. Now this would stimulate her clitoris incredibly well. Now try this particular tip and the position and stimulate your woman really well. With this you would also be able to see that your girl experiences the best orgasm ever. These orgasms will be multiple and she will beg for more.