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Learn How to Increase Female Libido

Female arousal is a complex subject with psychological and physiological factors.

Unlike men, women need time to become ready for sex. Female arousal is slower to heat up and slower to cool down.

Foreplay is not just for fun it is necessary for sexual arousal. To be fully aroused she needs sexual foreplay for 5-20 minutes in order for her to reach a sexual plateau at which point she can have an orgasm if sufficiently simulated.

Many men do not understand this and it can lead to frustration. Understanding this can help you and your partner experience more sexual pleasure.

Women can be stimulated much more easily when using effective foreplay methods such as touching,caressing or using the tongue on their erogenous zones. In fact, the majority of men are not familiar with a woman sensitive zones or how to locate them exactly. If you want to please your lover sexually, or giving them a fulfilling love making affair with you, then you have to learn the secrets of foreplay tips by paying attention to the necessary areas where you will get your partner aroused.

Using some kind of personal lubricant is very important to the art of successful female arousal. Many females at one time or another do not produce enough of their own lubrication, so there are many different great kinds of lubricants that you can choose to enhance your female arousal.

Vaginal lubricants are available in a variety of products containing various ingredients. It is important for women to read the label of a vaginal lubricant and buy only water-based vaginal lubricants.

Water-based vaginal lubricants are topical female sexual enhancement products which are made with some natural botanical ingredients to provide a lubrication and a little something extra. These herbal gels are safe to use and hypo-allergenic, so you can use it every time you have sex or just when you want a little extra excitement.